Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Surveys in Social Media

So much in our world today we have our likes and dislikes, reflecting on what websites we choose to use and what media sources we are not fond of. Researchers and social media workers have the task of figuring out what exactly the audience likes and dislikes. Listening to the audience enhances the future for businesses and media in particular.
Social media in the NFL, specifically, has begun to participate in the social media sites. With the understandable regulation of not using the sites 90 minutes before and after games. Every NFL team has a Facebook page which I find shocking. For NFL teams to have a Facebook page exposes them to the media world, creating an even bigger audience.
            A survey was conducted together by Catalyst Public Relations and Sports Business Journal. More than 500 fans from each of the leagues were asked about their use of social media. The results showed “that 61 percent of MLB fans and 55 percent of NFL fans consider themselves bigger fans of the respective leagues since they started following their favorite teams on Facebook, Twitter and similar sites. In addition, more than half of MLB fans (and 43 percent of NFL fans) said they spend more time watching and following the league now than they did prior to their social-media engagement” (David Broughton).
With teams posting on Twitter and Facebook it allows for audience to “follow” or respond to their social media pages. It was found that “Fewer than half of fans ages 18 to 33 claimed to have responded to brand promotions or other offers “every time” or “most of the time.” The number is even lower, 22 percent, for fans ages 46 to 6.” Surveys are constantly used in the Public Relations world to get a sense of their audience.

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